Penis Enlargement

What Are the Penis Extenders?

The field of penis extenders is a quite complex one as there are numerous different brands and numerous different models that a person can use in order to get a bigger penis. There are also […]


Research on Gay Pheromones

Via the usage of brain imaging, Swedish scientists have proven that heterosexual and homosexual males react differently to two odors linked to sexual arousal and that homosexual males react to the odors in the same […]


Pheromax Review: Does It Work?

German designed Pheromax for Men hasn’t really been on the radar in North America. But it’s highly respected because of its high-quality. This cologne provides a very intense and well-balanced pheromone experience. Now, I might […]

Penis Enlargement

ProExtender Review: Does It Work?

You’ve seen it advertised in magazines, on TV, and all over the Internet. So, you are probably asking yourself, does ProExtender really work? ProExtender has been recognized by many as the leader in penis extender devices. […]

androstenone pheromones

Androstenone Pheromones: How They Work

Humans and animals produce pheromones. They are responsible for attraction from the opposite sex within the same species. When secreted, these chemicals trigger different emotions and even alert others to danger. Although pheromones are hormones, […]

pheromones pills

Research on Human Pheromones

The medical technology employs a variety of drug delivery methods, with pills, suppositories, and injections being the most common. Now nasal sprays and skin patches are also being used t deliver medicines. But what if […]