X4 Labs Gold Edition
Penis Enlargement

X4 labs Review

The X4 Extender Gold Edition is a penis enlarging device that goes above and beyond standard models. The device is actually finished in 24-karat fine gold and comes in a stunning leather case. This gold […]

Alpha 7 Pheromones Girl

Alpha 7 Pheromone Review

One of the problems with most pheromone products is that the unscented versions have such a strange odor that they don’t mix well with perfumes and colognes, but the scented versions often aren’t scented well […]

Types of Pheromones

The Different Types of Pheromones

There are different types of pheromones such as trail, information, signal, releaser, alarm, aggregation, epideictic and sexual. For instance, ants are known to use trail pheromones to move their nests and take food to their […]

Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction Gold contains 17.8 mgs of pheromones. This 8-pheromone product is manufactured by LuvEssential Company. It comes in a very easy to use pump spray bottle, and it has a very clean fresh scent. […]

Icebreaker pheromones

IceBreaker Pheromone Review

Icebreaker Pheromone is a unique cologne because it contains a blend of pheromones that grabs the attention of women. Manufactured by Ascent Research Group, this 8-pheromone cologne makes it easier for the wearer to flirt […]

Vimax Girl
Penis Enlargement

Vimax Pills Review

Do you feel that you have a small package? Or are you just not performing sexually the way you`d hope? If that`s the case, you should only focus on one penis enlargement method which is […]